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UV Vodka 1.75L

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UV Vodka 1.75L

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The family patriarch, a staple but hardly blase. That's because it's distilled four times and activated carbon filtered for a clean, refined spirit that doesn't just stock your bar but makes it proud.
Category Vodka
Region United States
Brand UV
Alcohol/vol 40%
  • we90-95

Wine EnthusiastA solid, grainy vodka bouquet that includes scents of dry breakfast cereal, parchment along with dry odors of shale, minerals, cardboard and beans; The palate entry introduces a sweeter reflection of the grain-fiber-paper character; the midpalate adds bittersweet flavors of cocoa, coffee bean, sugar and sap. Concludes with a note of spirity warmth. Best Buy.

December 31, 2005