Svedka Vanilla Vodka

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Svedka Vanilla Vodka

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First we infuse alcohol with pure vanilla beans for three months to bring out the full richness of the flavor. Once matured into a balanced essence, it is combined with Svedka master bend, creating the distinctively sweet notes of caramel and warm tropical scents of Svedka Vanilla.
Category Flavored Vodka
Region Sweden
Brand Svedka
Alcohol/vol 35%
Proof 70.00
  • we85-89

Wine EnthusiastThe beany vanilla bean aroma leaps from the sampling glass; aeration encourages the vanilla essence to turn plumper, more fatty and biscuity than bittersweet or extract-like. Palate entry is bittersweet and intensely beany while the midpalate stage is all about the buttery/oily side of processed vanilla essence. Concludes by going a bit soft in the finish.

June 2004