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Giori Lemoncillo Cream

Giori Lemoncillo Cream

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The preparation of this lemon liqueur starts with the harvest of lemons specially selected gardens. On the day of harvest, the lemons are lightly washed and immediately peeled. The peels are then infused in alcohol derived from molasses. The final preparation takes place in mixers where the infused lemon is combined with syrup made from sucrose. The mixture of lemon liqueur is then combined with liquid cream, which is then emulsified. Giori's Lemoncillo Cream Liqueur has a rich, creamy body that follows suit with the lemon zest barely peeking through, but it's there all the same and provides a tart flavor that almost suggests lemon curd.
Category Liqueur
Region Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Trentino
Brand Giori
Alcohol/vol 17%