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Corazón Anejo Tequila

Corazón Anejo Tequila

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Tequila Corazón de Agave Añejo is aged in new Canadian oak barrels. The Añejo is allowed to mature fully by spending 2 years in the barrels, absorbing and capturing the natural essences imparted by the oak. Corazón de Agave Añejo finally emerges as the smoothest sipping tequila possessing a rich complexity and a hint of vanilla, almond and spice undertones. Color: Deep amber gold. Nose: Sweet and floral nose. Palate: A round, supple attack leads to a medium to full bodied taste with rich caramel. Finish: Effortless finish with a touch of sweet Canadian oak spice. It is beautifully balanced and made for slow, contemplative sipping.
Category Anejo
Region Mexico
Brand Corazón
Alcohol/vol 40%