Colorado Native Winterfest 6 pack 12 oz.

Colorado Native Winterfest 6 pack 12 oz.

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6 x 12 oz.

Colorado Native Winterfest. Everyone knows that winter in Colorado is a wonderful time, especially around the holidays. The air seems crisper, and snow covers the landscape like a natural gift wrapping. There's no other place like it. And that's the feeling that inspired Colorado Native Winterfest. It's our way of celebrating this special time of the year and toasting our friends in Colorado. We brew Colorado Native Winterfest in September. We begin with our prized two-row barley, custom roasted to give the beer its rich, creamy flavor. Choice hops are added to create the aroma and festive taste. The finish is smooth, clean, sweet, and rich with a depth of malt character.
Category Beer
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Colorado Native
Alcohol/vol 7%