Colorado Native Olathe Lager 6 pack 12oz

Colorado Native Olathe Lager 6 pack 12oz

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6 x 12oz

Colorado Native Olathe. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, grains, or hops, the fertile ground from Fruita to Palisade down to Montrose and from Paonia to Delta produces world-class agriculture. To celebrate the harvest season, we brew this lager as a tip of the hat to those Colorado farmers who work the ground to feed us all. To provide the backbone for this German-style lager, we mashed in Charles two-row winter barley, Moravian two-row barley and world-renowned Olathe corn. We added Crystal and Nugget hops, grown in Olathe, within a mile of the barley and corn. The resulting taste has a rich, malty honey character with clean bitterness.
Category Lager
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Colorado Native
Alcohol/vol 5.6%