Mathilde Framboise Liqueur

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Mathilde Framboise Liqueur

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Made from wild French raspberries - 100% pure and natural. This liqueur is fresh, perfectly ripe framboise--sweetness, acidity, and all--captured in a bottle. Enjoy on the rocks, over ice cream, or mixed in a wide aray of cocktails; the flavors are so concentrated that it will stand up to even the most assertive bases. No stabilizers or preservatives are added to Mathilde liqueurs.
Category Liqueur
Region France
Brand Mathilde
  • we96-100

Wine EnthusiastVery ripe, intense aromas of fresh-off-the-vine raspberries; further aeration stimulates a trace of welcome tartness brought on by acidity that perfectly counters the concentrated ripeness. Palate entry is sweet, ripe and juicy; the midpalate is medium-bodied, ripe, sweet/sour without being jammy or overbearing. Finishes long and intensely raspberry-like.

February 1, 2004