Bruno Paillard Brut Première Cuvée
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Bruno Paillard Brut Première Cuvée


Category Sparkling Wine
Region France, Champagne, Reims
Brand Bruno Paillard
Alcohol/vol 12%
A straw gold colour and very fine bubbles. Its delicate hue comes from to the use of a high percentage of Chardonnay and of the first pressing only. The fine bubbles are due to a very noble raw material, a perfectly controlled temperature in the cellar "" cool and steady "" and to very long ageing in bottle. The first aromas reveal the citrus character of the Chardonnay : lime, grapefruits. Then red fruit aromas come out: redcurrant, raspberry, morello cherry "" typical Pinot Noir. On leaving the wine to open up, candied fruits, even exotic fruits of Pinot Meunier appear with aromas of banana and pineapple. The palate is lively, thanks to the low dosage respecting the wines authenticity. The nose is confirmed by the first taste, citrus, almonds, toasted bread and "brioche"… but also redcurrant jelly, then dark fruits - cherry, fig or blackberry. On being aerated and warmer, the wine reveals the light taste of plum and pear. The palate is full, quite long, with a very clean finish. Elegance "" but not without complexity "" this wine perfectly illustrates what I call "the house style".